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  By Jan Vandermosten     A quote from Goldman Sachs perfectly summarizes the structural decline in which the global coal market finds itself today: ‘just as a worker celebrating their 65th anniversary can settle into a more sedate lifestyle while they look back on past achievements, we argue that thermal coal has reached its… » read more

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Financial institutions around the world are leading by bending investments in old-fashioned coal power in order to address climate change. Will the EBRD be next?   The last few months have seen an unprecedented wave of positive commitments from big public financial institutions to virtually end financing coal power. This includes the World Bank, the… » read more

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By Adam White, Climate and Energy Research Coordinator at WWF European Policy Office EU climate and energy policy makers are being bombarded by a new adversary. Seeing that their lobbying is not gaining sufficient ground, the CEOs of 10 of Europe’s biggest fossil fuel companies (Enel, Eni, E.On, Gas Natural fenosa, GasTerra, GDF Suez Iberdrola,… » read more

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